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Our Story

Ecomlocations is the first Film Location company in Australia to provide aerial scouting services and takes pride in being the first location company to offer location scouting and management master courses.

With over 25 years experience in the film, television and advertising industries in the areas of Production Facilitation and Location Scouting and Management, our team provides the expertise and sound judgement required to ensure a quality outcome for your project.

We specialise in sourcing locations for Film, Television, Photography, Video, Webisodes, Print and Events Australia-wide.

Luke Torrevillas, the principal at Ecomlocations, has worked in the arts sector since the mid ’90s, firstly creating side-on screenings in 1995, a short film screening program that ran for over 7 years. It wasn’t long after that he and his cohorts established an arts and entertainment complex designed at showcasing up and coming artists. The venue, Side on Café, hosted regular film screenings, Jazz, world music, cabaret, contemporary art exhibitions and even some experimental comedy. 

Concurrently, Luke started facilitating off-shore productions in a niche Asian Market – predominantly India, Philippines, and China and locally freelanced as a producer for small boutique production houses including The Attic, Ambience Entertainment, Mesh 22, The Post Op Group, Klink Design and Ticket to Ride to name a few.

In 2010, Luke took over the reins of Ecomlocations and with his production background has created a world class location scouting and management service.