Our locations agency provides a range of professional services for film, television, photography, video, photoshoots, webisodes, print and events Australia-wide for both local and international clients.

Location Scouting

Scouting to a brief is a vital process in pre-production. When engaged to scout, we take into account aesthetics, logistics, and cost factors and strive to provide as many potentially useful/viable ideas and/or options as possible for review by production.

Our team are also licensed aerial scouts to provide you with a premium and cost-effective service to scout that next location for your production. Have a look at our portfolio to see samples of our film scouting work. Check out some of our aerial scouting.

Location Management

Location management can be quite involved depending on the size of the production. Ecomlocations are able to manage your projects and assist with;

  • Council Applications,
  • Liaise with RTA and securing ROL’s,
  • Police assistance from crowd control to Police Escorts on roads,
  • Pedestrian Control,
  • Traffic Control Plans (TCP’s) Traffic controllers and security,
  • Letter drops,
  • Location Contracts,
  • Negotiating fees with stakeholders,
  • Location Maps,
  • On-site management

Have a look out our portfolio to see samples of our location management work

Production Facilitation

Ecomlocations also provides production facilitation services to the international market. Our recent work includes Television serials for China, Philippines, Thailand, Breakfast television for Canada, and Television commercials for Spain, Scotland, UK, USA and India.

Please call our office on +61 2 9247 1520 or email us for more information.

Our Fees

For our comprehensive charges, please download our latest rate card for all our services, including location scouting and management services. Rates listed exclude GST.

For payment process and other payment advice, please contact us.